about me

Hi there, my name is Steve. I have a lot of hobbies, including linux, multimedia, movies, programming, and especially cartoons. I go by the nickname of beandog on lots of places.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science from Utah Valley University, and I’m a graduate student working on a Master of Social Work at Widener University, with the goal of becoming a therapist. I’m looking for a specialized internship for my final year of school, if anyone is interested, let me know. I currently work at a secure youth care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve spent years doing mentoring for at-risk youth both in the community and through juvenile court.

I love multimedia, TV shows, and movies, and have a large DVD and Blu-ray collection that I’ve ripped and organized myself into a massive Plex server that holds all my content — I have about 3,600 cartoons which I love to watch (sorry, no sharing). I’ve got two projects I’ve written in C called dvd_info and bluray_info which are on available on my github page. I love programming and Linux as well, and was a Gentoo developer for a long time. You can see more developer content and websites of mine over at dev.beandog.org.

I’m also an LDS Christian and believe in God and Jesus Christ. I love reading the scriptures, and have a blog where I cover spiritual topics at blog.nephi.org. I have a project where people can download the scriptures in multiple database formats at scriptures.nephi.org.

This is just a landing page, my original blog is at wonkabar.org where I post occasionally. If you want to reach out, I have a contact page of all the places you can find me online. I’m most active on Twitter, and have a YouTube channel as well. 😊